IronHero: Collision

IronHero: Collision - Where strategy meets the action!

Take control of the battlefield and emerge victorious after you eliminate all threats to mankind. This epic clash of tanks will put your skills as a commanding general to the test over the course of a tough battle tank campaign.

Set in an apocalyptic future, your base is mankind-s last defense against an autonomous bio-mechanical entity.

You will need to demonstrate command and strategy skills as you are thrown into numerous battles where you will have to defend your base and destroy your enemy. You-ll have to overcome hoards of tanks and weapons of mass destruction.

Construct, upgrade and strategically place your tanks and guns for maximum impact.

Turn your base into a fortress by thinking ahead and strategically constructing and positioning your units.

In each of the games levels, you will have to think quick and make the right strategic decisions to emerge victorious.

You will have to make your way through various enemy defenses and counter-attacks, adjusting your tactics as you battle against increasingly difficult AI.

IronHero: Collision - Command your base and lead your army of tanks to victory!


Intuitive controls - There-s barely any learning curve at all as the controls are easy to master.

Addictive gameplay - You-ll be playing this for hours on end.

Challenging AI - This game-s AI will force you to think carefully about every decision.

3D Graphics - You-ll feel like you-re right in the heat of battle.

Over 50 tank battles - Dozens of challenges will each require unique positioning and tactics.

9 normal tank units and 2 super-units - Develop a creative strategy by using different tanks for different purposes.

5 normal turrets and 1 player base turret - Strengthen your defenses to protect against enemy offensives.

Chance to purchase extra gold to upgrade units - If you find yourself struggling to get to the next level, purchase gold to upgrade your resources.

All units are upgradable - Keep upgrading your weaponry as you progress through the game.